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ProU Abroad Counselling team assists you to choose from 30,000+ programs across the US, UK, Canada, Australia & Europe.

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ProU Abroad is part of ProU Education that serves thousands of students and working professionals across Europe, Africa, and now in India. We bring the top global quality of coaching to aspirants looking to apply to top colleges across the globe. We believe that a right coach is someone who has already walked the path that our aspirants want to, and hence ProU abroad offers coaches from Ivy league schools/colleges and top colleges who have helped hundreds of students. ProU has created an unrivaled mobile Europe and Africa-first experience for learners who want to train, upskill or receive higher education to land their dream job and career. ProU provides access to in-demand business and tech curricular through the latest technology delivery methods and world-class coaches. We are proud to work with governments and private institutions to expand our mission of quality education and coaching for all.

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